Tour de Pécs

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2015. Tour DE Pécs

We kindly invite you to our races !

Our first race in this year will be held on Saturday, 11th of April 2015.

It is a short but hilly track we ask to climb. The races named GRAWE Insurance GP.

First starts at 11:00AM in Pécs-Üszögpuszta, distance 22 km on hilly track

The other dates are below:

2015.05.16. 11.00AM Radler GP - hilly 75 km

2015.06.21. 11.00AM Feked GP - time trial individual 20km

2015.06.21. 04.00PM Komló GP hilly stage 94.2 km

2015.08.02. 11.00AM Villány GP flat 78 km

2015.09.19. 11.00AM Csofém GP, in , Orfű criterium on (6,5 km /circle) 65 km

2015.09.19. 03.00PM Pécs, Tv--Tower GP hilly - 18km

All you questions write to our e-mail address please :

2014. Tour de PÉCS

28/03: Attention - change in date of next race

Our next race will be held on 12/04/2014 ( Saturday ) for Grawe GP. IT is a short but climbing etap, by the same route it was last year too.

20/03/2014: Actual statement

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01/03 : Welcome to visitors to our new website.

We will organise again in 2014 our road cycling races.

It will be 8 etaps, satrting on 16th of March 2014, with the "Prolog"-climbing at 11:00am

Prolog will be a really heavy race, climbing from our main square to Misina, to the highest point in our town, to the TV tower.

It is more then 400 m latitude difference in less then 6 km distance.

The money prizes are for 1.-6. for men, and 1.-3. for ladies, but no categories are on this stage.

The same day at 15:00 will be held the FEKED time trial individual race on distance 10 or 20 kms, depending on your category.

It wortsh to finish this 2nd race on 16th of March, like all the money prizes won in the morning stage available only for racers , who will finish the time trial too !

More details will be uploaded soon, all the information we will share with you in next couple of days. Until that you can browse also our Facebook site here:

In case you have more questions, please send your e-mail here: